3-Ball el dorado

This article is dedicated to a person I met in New York last year. She not only went to some Knicks games and knows the team well, she is also a huge Dwight Howard fan … reason enough to write an article for her … have fun reading!!!

Don’t blink twice, this game was by far more closely contested than the box score is trying to tell you. But like in many other situations in life, it came down to the often used „if-scenario“ ….

  • IF Toney Douglas would have made at least one of his free throws to cut the deficit to single digits deep in the 4th quarter
  • IF Dwight Howard doesn’t draw comparison to one of these superhuman mutants from Fallout 3 every time I see him
  • and IF the Knicks would have tried to contest just one of the many Magic first half 3 pointers

… then this game could have been more closer at the end … with a chance of an upset win for New York. But Toney missed both FT, Howard looked like a dwarf between midgets and Orlando kept shooting these wide open threes to extend the lead every time the Knicks tried to get closer.

So enough of these senseless „what if“ questions – lets get into the analysis.

Despite the fact, that the Knicks bench (a.k.a the 3 Amigos) played great basketball and egalized the lack of energy, spread by by the athlete formerly known as Tracy McGrady, Orlando had the edge in scoring and effort.
Whether it was Vince Carter (25 Pts), randomly used Ryan Anderson (19 Pts) or the superhuman mutant himself (25 Pts), the Knicks wouldn’t even have stopped Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy from scoring.

Luckily, the 3 ball was falling pretty well on the Knicks side as well (16-33) – one of the reasons why David Lee finished with only 13 Points & 7 Rebounds in a head-to-head battle of the two best rebounders in the league (Lee, Howard).

So every time Dwight Howard is protecting the rim or grabbing a board on offense or defense, I get the notion that he could have been playing the role of the ‚kraken‘ in the movie „Clash of the Titans“ … DH12 is by far the best player when it comes to defending the rim, rebounding the ball and setting picks for his teammates – when I saw Chris Duhon running into a Howard pick, I almost worried that Duhon got slashed into two halfes. Almost!

The game was fun to watch though … Danilo Gallinari was smoking hot in the second half, Earl Barron had another „I deserve to be on the team next year“ – game and Stan „the undisclosed twin of Guido Epple“ Van Gundy is the lonesome leader of the „I will never be satisfied in my life“ board.

The Magic were leading by 20 points and Van Gundy looked like a drunk addict who desperatly searched his whole house for some booze and is now thinking about drinking the window cleaner in the kitchen stash.

Mike D’Antoni on the other end was very satisfied with his team and its mentality. The Knicks fought back several times despite that 3-point festival by the Magic. By the time that Vince Carter decided to pull off another vintage „Half man – half amazing“, this game was in the books for the Playoff bound Orlando Magic.

This team is constructed to ride deep into the Playoffs, so it was a surprising fact, that Orlando went into an offensive shooting contest with the Knicks. It is great to see, that the right players like Gallo, TD, Walker or Sergio put heart and swagger into the last remaining games.

If Tracy McGrady used this games as an audition for next season, he failed like Wile E. Coyote, catching the Road Runner. It is debatable, whether T-Mac could me more productive by the time he stays healthy the whole summer. It all depends on the free agent summer and the new Knicks roster … but then again, who needs McGrady anyway?

April 11th, 2010

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  1. Maximilian Thümer sagt:

    I really like the fact, that you now have the same opinion on T-Mac as I do! 😉

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